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Prepare for the Expedition with Rocky Mountain Toast!
Rocky Mountain toast, A.K.A. Mozer's mountain meal, bird's nest, cowboy eggs, egg-in-the-hole, eggs in a blanket, the Elephant Egg Bagel, frog in a hole, gas house eggs, moon eggs, and one-eyed monster.

Rocky Mountain toast is an amazing dish that consists of a piece of bread with a hole in the middle filled with an egg and then cooked. Its amazing not only in its simplicity, but in the speed in which it can be done and the quality and taste of the results when done right.

Step 1: Ingredients
  1. Eggs
  2. Bread
  3. Butter
Other ingredients or garnishes: Cheese, Bacon bits, Honey ham, Various spices, whatever you like on eggs

Step 2: Preparation
  1. Spray your pan, and make sure to use a pan doesn't have a tendency to stick to foods (basically, USE YOUR TEFLON PANS!!)
  2. Butter the bread on both sides
  3. Cut a hole out of the middle of the bread
  4. Toss cut and buttered bread in the pan
  5. Crack 1 egg in the center of the bread (yolk intact)

Step 3: Cooking
  1. Now that your eggs are in the bread, turn the burner on high until the eggs are cooked enough on the bottom to quickly flip
  2. Flip once
  3. Turn burner down to a medium-high temperature (leave it that way for the rest of the time so you don't really burn anything)
  4. Wait until the egg-and-toast can slide around without breaking up the yolk or whites

Step 4: Toasting

Now that your egg is cooked enough to hold up on its own, its time for toasting! Flip the concoction until You achieve toasting of the bread on both sides. Now its almost done!

Optional: throw some cheese on top and flip twice to melt the cheese (its hit-or-miss since the cheese likes sticking to the spatula)

Step 5: Serving

Serve plain or with garnishes, or just eat it out of the pan (I don't recommend eating it without a plate and a fork/spoon/knife/spork/knifoon as the egg still posses immediate defense mechanisms while it's not fully cooked).

Step 6: Variations

Fried honey ham on one side or both, 'glued' on by cheese (I like pepper jack, but you could use any kind you like)

Step 7: Pre-prep

This is for the honey ham reverse egg sandwich (ham slices on the outside, rocky mountain toast slice on the inside)
  1. Fry honey ham slice(s) on one side
  2. Flip
  3. Add cheese
  4. Wait until the cheese begins to melt
  5. Pull ham+cheese off for later.
Now get started making the toast! and happy trails to you!
July 12, 2024
( Friday )

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