face of Kevin A Crothers

Kevin A Crothers Department Head of
Corporate Web Systems
for WORLDCOM, inc.
Kevin Crothers was hired as an LDDS Communications (original parent company of WorldCom) employee out of Jackson, Mississippi in June 1994, and has worked in Information Services/Technologies since that time. He designed, constructed, and implemented a good bit of our original IT infrastructure including:
  • the first company wide e-mail
  • high-speed Local Area Networks for all corporate offices
  • our original Novell Netware v2,3,4 Networks including the Netware Directory Services network
  • some of our high-traffic UNIX-based operations
  • our first subdomained DNS environment
  • brought Internet-use (TCP/IP) to the user desktop with our first bootp and DHCP IP address allocation systems and a switched-56KB leased line to GridNet
  • our first (www.lddsnet.com) and current (www.worldcom.com) Corporate Internet site, which has never been hacked or brought down
  • our first (home.lddsnet.com) and current (www.wcomnet.com) Corporate Intranet site, which got its TEAMnet name in 1995 (Total Environment for Account Management Network)
  • our first and our current LDAP-based, distributed Corporate Directory, which is called ONEworld (Open Network Environment world)
  • our company's first High Availability and Geographically Balanced systems (TEAMnet using Alteon 180e boxes), which won a Computerworld Smithsonian Natural History award and listing in year 2000
  • additional enterprise architecture environments.
Kevin feels his best contribution within WorldCom is the shaping of the TEAM network Corporate Intranet (www.wcomnet.com / TEAMnet), which recently won the CIO Magazine Web Business 50/50 Corporate Intranet award, and is one of the smartest and busiest Corporate Intranet sites in the world. TEAMnet was the first WorldCom web system to require LDAP-based Login and Password, and its Usernames and Passwords (the TEAMnet login) created and became the base for the ONEworld LDAP-based Single-Sign-On.